Pillarstone Capital is a Real Estate Investment Company focused on creating shareholder value through acquiring, developing and redeveloping non-retail, commercial real estate properties.

Investment Philosophy

  • Providing above-average risk-adjusted returns;
  • Pursuing strategies that benefit from disruptions in the marketplace;
  • Establishing ownership positions in real estate and related businesses and franchises;
  • Capturing enhanced value for investors through the acquisition and development of Ā underappreciated or challenged real estate; and
  • Partnering with people we trust.


Pillarstone values its relationships with all stakeholders, including shareholders and employees. With extensive structuring and restructuring experience, deep analytical ability, and real estate capital markets expertise, Pillarstone is well positioned to provide maximum return on and return of investments.

Investment Strategy

To extract intrinsic value and yield top-tier results, Pillarstone targets specific opportunities, asset classes and properties. Pillarstone achieves its growth-oriented ownership potential through recapitalizations, acquisitions, joint ventures, partnerships, and secondary investments and mortgages.

Execution Strategy

Pillarstone invests in people, properties, portfolios and companies that prevail in existing and/or growing markets that have been overlooked, undermanaged, or underperformed to exemplary standards.

Recapitalizations and Special Situations

In appropriate situations, Pillarstone will pursue recapitalizations and other situational investments such as paying-off or paying-down maturing debt, buying out existing ownership from investors, providing capital expenditures and making new investments to undercapitalized situations and acquire and re-zone land for redevelopment.

Primary Investments

Pillarstoneā€™s primary investment thesis involves direct investment in real estate opportunities to outperform the market.

Secondary Investments

Secondary investment interests are also an important part of the Pillarstone business model. These opportunities include equity interests in private real estate ventures, joint ventures, partnerships, portfolios and individual assets from existing investors, lenders and real estate market securities that are trading well below Net Asset Value.

Other Related Information

Founded in 1994, Pillarstone was acquired in 2003 through the acquisition of Stonehaven Trust, which historically acquired and owned real estate with investment portfolios in the U.S.